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Sheaffer Calligraphy..
  • 0Bids
  • AU $0.99
Sheaffer Calligraphy Set - Available as displayed in photo. Great working condition.
Mini Tabletop Pool
  • 0Bids
  • AU $0.99
Mini tabletop pool game. The white ball is missing.
Ikea small dining ta..
  • 0Bids
  • AU $0.99
Small Ikea dining table donation from Sebastian and Manuel in Docklands.  Photos provided by t..
$0.99 Laptop
  • 0Bids
  • AU $0.99
Fujitsu LifeBook S6231 The Fujitsu LifeBook S6231 is a 13.3-inch screen notebook that weighs just a..
White Leather 2 Seat..
  • 0Bids
  • AU $0.99
A great looking 2 seater couch that is white leather. Has a few signs of wear as shown in the images..
Our Story Begins: Ne..
  • 0Bids
  • AU $0.99
Donation of Sophie from Doncaster.   Goodreads: "“One of our most exquisite storyteller..
3 Seater Leather Cou..
  • 2Bids
  • AU $1.99
3 Seater Leather Couch - Dark Brown Leather. Incredibly comfortable and in good condition. Measure..
Ladies Dress Jacket
  • 0Bids
  • AU $0.99
Ladies Dress Jacket - Black and White Check Pattern Size 14. Never worn. Available as per photo.

Clients Review

charityBay testimonial from SisterWorks™
A platform like charityBay is a great partnership for SisterWorks in spreading awareness about our organisation. Any bit of money invested into SisterWorks goes a very long way for a locally based non-profit like us. Furthermore, the ethos of charityBay in promoting a sustainable cycle for unused items blends with the ethical model of our SisterWorks products. We believe in sustainability and making consumption more eco friendly.
charityBay testimonial from God’s Dreaming Inc.
Genius! A way for charities to be supported by making use of items that may otherwise go to waste, especially during social distancing.
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